Southwest Quiche

9:13:00 AM

I live in Arizona, which means a lot of Southwest flavors.  I love driving past the grocery stores here where they are daily outside roasting peppers and green chili's.  I seriously put those things in almost everything.

Don't judge.

So today, we made a southwest quiche - I guess it's a little France meets Phoenix - and it was delicious.

1 pie crust for a single crust pie.  (home made or frozen, either way - but you are going to want it formed and frozen to go in the oven)
2 tbsp butter
1 can diced green chilies - or if you are lucky enough, 1/2 cup freshly roasted and chopped green chili
1 medium onion, diced
1 cup grape tomatoes, cut in half
1/4 cup chopped green onion
1 cup Mexican blend cheese
4 eggs
1/2 cup evaporated milk
salt and pepper to taste.

Heat oven to 400 degrees.  Remove pie crust from the freezer and line with parchment paper or foil  Fill with pie weights or beans.  Blind bake pie crust for 15 minutes, until lightly golden. Remove from oven.

In a skillet on the stove, add butter and melt it, then add diced onion.  Cook until almost translucent.  Add green chilies and tomato.  Cook until tomato reduces in size by half.  Remove from heat.

In a measuring cup or bowl, crack the eggs and add evaporated milk.  Whip until all the egg yolks are incorporated.  Add salt and pepper.

In the pie crust, add cheese, then onion mixture, then egg mixture. Garnish with green onions on top.
 If you prefer the edges of your crust to be golden and not dark brown, you may want to cover the edges with some aluminum foil at this stage.

Place back into 400 degree oven for 40 minutes, or until center is jiggly and outsides are completely set.  Remove from oven and let cool about 20 minutes or overnight in the refridgerator.

Can be served cold, or warm - if you reheat it, put into a 300 degree oven until it is hot to the touch.

We like to serve ours with a touch of sour cream and salsa.


My new favorite dress

12:32:00 PM

You know that one dress in your closet that gets all the wear time because it's comfy, and cute, and soft, and makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it?  That one dress that you've worn to church a million times, and yet, you're gonna wear it again this Sunday because gosh darn can?

Yea, I used to have a favorite dress like that.  It was a cute little black number with a zipper up the back - and it made me look and feel HAWT...I mean honestly, it was amazing.

Nothing could replace that dress.

Until two months ago, when I got a call from this clothing company called Cleo Madison.  They wanted me (really??? Little old me!) to wear one of their dresses and write an honest review about it.

So, here's the thing. I've done reviews like this before.  Oftentimes I've returned the item because it just wasn't simply something I was willing to write about.  I was honestly prepared for that this time.  I went on their website, looked at the items and the prices, and thought - sure, I'll give it a try, but I doubt very much I'll like it. I'm pretty picky. 

So, I picked out a dress, and they sent it to me. And when it arrived it was like unwrapping the softest piece of velvety goodness I've ever put my hands on.

Look at those colors!  And the material is light weight - not at all hot (even though it's long sleeved) and soooo soft!  And the length was perfect (so hard to find something just below the knee...) and it was just amazing.

But, I remained skeptical.  And my happy little heart fell a little when it suggested "Hand wash only" - who has time for that?

How many times have you bought a dress and it was that perfect combination of stretch and soft - and then you wash it a few times and it becomes the same texture as gas station toilet paper - and has little lint balls all over it for added texture?

So, I withheld my excitement until I washed it and wore it a few times.

And I did.  And it kept surprising me.


First.  IT HAS POCKETS.  Yes, that was a super duper bonus I wasn't expecting at all.

I've washed this thing probably 10 times now.  I don't hand wash anything.  Let's get that clear right now - so I'm really putting this to the test.  I turned it inside out, washed on the delicate cycle and dried on permanent press. 

It's still as soft as the peaches from my grandmother's tree, still has the perfect elasticity, has ZERO little lint balls,  and still hits me right below the knee --- not a single bit of shrinkage!

I'm in love with this dress.  I wore it to church this morning for a baptism, and I'm STILL in it right now working at my desk.  It's THAT comfortable.
My daughters have already claimed it when I "pass it down" (like that's going to happen.) In all likelihood it will go missing to one of their closets and I'll find a ransom note pinned in it's place.  And I'm fine with that.  How many cute modest dresses have you found recently that your 16 year old daughter wants to steal from you?


So in closing...Cleo Madison is a BIG YES in my book.  And yes, I got this dress for free from them, but seriously, we are ordering about 8 more.  This one is next. 


Follow ME!

10:47:00 AM

I've been spending some time on a new networking site as well as Twitter and a few others - and one thing that stands out to me - All the people who are claiming to help you get "more twitter followers!" "More social media followers" "increase your numbers!" But then, when I look at their profiles, sure, they have thousands of followers - but not a single one of their posts is actually engaged in conversation.

It makes me sad to think that in a world where we have such extensive technology available to us, we can reach the far corners of the world - cultivate friendships we may not have ever had otherwise - learn from the masters of their business and their craft with distance not being an issue --- the biggest focus is on the number of people that you can get to "like" your page, or "follow" you.

One thing I've always loved about sales, or business as a whole is the human connection. Meeting people where they are, and learning from them, lifting them, being inspired by them - that is what the human experience is about.

I was talking with a young girl the other day. She mentioned to me that the reason she doesn't like to come to different activities is because she didn't think it was fair to create friendships when she knows that in a few months she will be leaving to go to school far away, and those friendships won't be able to continue. How sad is it that this generation feels that real interpersonal relationships can only exist when the distance between them is within a few miles? I look back onto some of my most cherished friendships - and how because of social media and the ability to engage - not just like - they've remained strong and steadfast.

I remember social media being a blessing in my life, a way that I could remain connected with my mom, sisters, friends, cousins - a way that I could find new connections and nourish new friendships. I still see it this way - in fact this morning I had a conversation with a dear friend who lives in London - who I've never met before in person, but who I consider a very great part of my life. Without the power of social media, I would never have known her.

We need to once again teach our young people the true power of friendship, conversation, engagement, and influence. Social media can be such a great tool for magnifying friendships! Sadly, lately, it's been a tool for gaining hollow popularity and spreading misinformation. Connections are supposed to be meaningful. When you talk to someone you should be engaged, you should want to know what they have to say. You should be open minded and present in the moment. If you can't engage and talk with someone - then you might as well be standing in the middle of a crowded room talking to yourself.