Because she’s a princess!

3:43:00 PM

As a mom I’m constantly learning new things from my children.  Amazing things.  For instance, did you know that a little boy with four sisters can scream almost as loudly, if not louder than the four of them combined?  Or, that one little egg full of silly putty can cover an entire carpeted area in a 10x15 foot room?  I have honestly learned so much from my little angels – patience, understanding, sense of humor…

I marvel at the way their minds work, and how they are constantly in awe of the world around them.  They are inspiring and wonderful, and from time to time something one of them will say will humble me and make me so very grateful that I am blessed to have them in my life.  Elizabeth said something today that did just that.

For those that don’t know, Elizabeth had a terrible injury on our last day of our trip to Utah.  Her hand was caught in a folding chair that snapped closed, and gory details aside – it’s been bandaged and wrapped up now for a few weeks.  Because the injury was caused by her siblings rough housing with her, Daddy made a proclamation that Elizabeth was now a princess – and no matter what she wanted, the other children had to obey her.  Of course she enjoys being a princess, and I don’t really see this ending anytime soon.

P1050165Last night, as we were changing her bandages and putting on the “magic princess lotion” (polysporin), Ammon was trying to distract her with conversation.  He asked her, “Lizzie, how does your finger feel?”  She said “Um” (because every statement she makes starts with “um” lately) “It still hurts, but it’s getting better.”   So Ammon says - “I know, the doctor gave mommy the magic princess lotion and it’s working isn’t it?”  Her reply?
“um, the princess lotion helps, but Jesus is making it better”.
Ok… I know we’ve taught her about healing the blind man, and how Jesus loves children, but this was a random time to bring it up – and completely un-prompted.

“Jesus is making it better Lizzie?”

“Um, yes.   I went to his house and he said he’d make it better”.

While we were in Utah we went to the Daybreak Temple open House – could this be what she meant?  We’ve taught her that the Temple is Heavenly Father and Jesus’ house.
“You mean the Temple Lizzie?”

lizzie  “Um, no.  He took me to his house when I was sleeping.  He let me come because I’m a princess.”

“And he said he’d make it all better?”

“Um, yes.”

“Can I go to His house too Lizzie?”

“Um, yes – my whole family can.  We are all His princesses.  Except Daddy and Jesse.  They can still come, but they are boys not Princesses."

“So boys can go to Jesus’ house too?”

“Um, yes.”

“That’s pretty cool Lizzie”

“Um, yep.”

I know that they say children are closer to Him because they are still so innocent.  She’s only 3 so she’s definitely still as innocent and pure as the day she was born.   I love how she is able to put things into very simple, basic terms.  Her understanding of the Gospel – at her level, so simple and yet so perfect.  “We are all his princesses” – and yes we are in a sense aren’t we?  I know that we all struggle from time to time with faith, security, etc.  But Lizzie doesn’t.  It’s just natural to her.  Just one more thing my children have taught me – Faith doesn’t have to be difficult.  It just IS.

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