A Quiet Outing…

8:45:00 AM

On Friday I went to the store.  It was just a quick trip, but a trip that was necessary nonetheless – so into the car and off I went.

I walked into the store – grabbed a cart and immediately it started -

The screaming
The Fighting
the “mommy can I have this”
The pulling of hair
the biting of arms

followed by the familiar -

Raising of blood pressure
Pounding of head
grabbing of the necessary items within reach while trying not to forget the items that I came to the store for in the first place.
The hurry through the check out line
The rush to the truck to get it all put away and everyone settled in the 100 plus degree heat.

It didn’t occur to me until I was back in the drivers seat and starting the ignition that I was alone.  The kiddies are at home with Daddy.

The screams in the store were from someone else’s children.

I immediately felt overcome with three emotions:

1- pity for the poor woman, as I know what she was going thru
2- guilt for rushing out and not offering her a kind smile and an understanding heart.
3- Frustration – I had somehow made it out of the house, by myself, and I wasn’t able to take full advantage of it.

That’s okay.  With all the time I saved by not walking through the store aimlessly (like I usually do when I get out alone) – I was able to go and get myself a vanilla ice cream cone, and sit and enjoy it.

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