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Yet another day starts with yet another Jesse story…(Janice knows what that means).

We woke up this morning relatively early (and ON TIME for once LOL), and had everyone fed and ready for school by 7 AM.  This is actually fantastic, considering we need to be out of the house by 7 in order for the kids to make the first bus to the school.

Since Daddy is out of town, I had purchased a special treat for the kids’ lunches yesterday – they actually got Lunchables in their boxes (along with some extra snacks because we all know that a Lunchable is no where near an actual lunch).  Anyway, Jesse apparently expected the same today, and when he opened up his lunch box to survey his haul for the day he suddenly became very upset. 
“Moooooommmmm…I want Lunchables!”

“No Jesse – that was a super special treat for yesterday.”


No big fit, no fussing, just “awwwwww..”, okay, I can deal with this – off we go - everyone in the truck, everyone happy.  Good deal.  Going to school.

Arrive at school 7:10 AM, on time – again.  Perfect.  C’mon everyone, out of the truck.



Jesse, c’mon let’s get out of the truck, you need to go to school.

“I don’t want to go to school, I want LUNCHABLES!”

Please tell me we aren’t really doing this.

“We aren’t having Lunchables today Jesse.  You can have one when you get home but not right now, I don’t even have one with me.  C’mon buddy, let’s go.”



Okay the girls get up and run to their bus staging area.  I inform Jesse that he needs to get out of the car – we have to go to school.




“Jesse, we need to go to school.  Do you want to go to school, or do you want to go home and go back to bed?”

“Lunchables.  Lunchables. Lunchables.”

Yea, I get it, you want Lunchables.  It ain’t happening.


I take the truck over to the other entrance of the school.  This is where the kindergarten entrance is.  Mr. Travis (he’s an aide) sees me.

“What’s up?”

“Jesse won’t get out of the car.”  Yea, that makes me sound like an experienced mother of five doesn’t it?

“Mind if I try?”

Go for it – he’ll listen to anyone other than me.  He tries.  Jesse loves this guy.  He won’t even talk to him.  Mr. Travis even tries to convince Elizabeth she can go to school in Jesse’s place.  Not a chance.


Oh boy.  Yes, my son won’t go to school because I didn’t pack his lunch of choice. (Again, I’m going  for Mother of the year here.)

I tell Jesse that we are going home.  I’m hot, (it’s already 88 degrees this morning), and I’m tired.  I’m not doing this anymore.


I walk in the building to let Miss Beasley and Miss Theresa know that Jesse will not be coming to school today.  Miss Beasley sees me…

“Jesse refuses to get out of the car.”

“Let me try”  yea, sure, go for it.  Why not.

“Jesse – if you come in you can pass out the spiderman stickers, and be my super big classroom helper…”


Yep, that worked.

Okay, I’m going home.  Forget this.  School starts in five minutes anyway, and I’m not going to disturb the rest of the classroom with this odd behavior.  Home we go.

In the car.  7:58

“Jesse, we are almost home.  I need you to know this – you will not watch TV, play on the computer, play games, or do anything fun.  You are coming home and going to your room.  This is your last chance.  You can go home, and have no fun at all – or go to school and have fun.”

“Watching TV isn’t fun mom, you can let me do that”.

Seriously?  This kid is going to be a politician.

“Nope Jesse.  No TV.”

“Mommmmmmy….I want to go to school.”

I don’t know that I call this a victory or not, but I also didn’t know that my truck could make UTurns that quickly (or precisely).

We got to school, and I took Jesse into the classroom.  Miss Beasley had all the kids sitting on the floor for circle time...

“Look everyone – Jesse’s Here!  We are so glad to see you!  Everyone take a picture of Jesse”….
Ok, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  Twenty kids turn around and fashion their hands like cameras…and I hear them all say “Click click click….”  Followed by “You are Lookin’ Goooood!”
Cute kids.  Almost made me forget my last hour.


Back in the truck, on the way home – Jesse is at school, and all is right with the world.
“Mommy, when we get home can I have a Lunchables??”

Ugh – Elizabeth, not you too.

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  1. Way too funny! That is why I loooove kids. They keep life interesting!

  2. love the story kids are so fun sometimes!! But like you said at least you got him to school so there for you are mom of the year!!
    Hope you are doing good I am checking out everyones blogs tonight!