An Introduction…

12:36:00 PM

Yesterday was our first trip to the new ward.  The Relief Society President and her counselors met me in the hall, and handed me a piece of paper to fill out – telling them all about myself.

You know me.  I can’t be serious on something like this.  Besides, the only people that ever read these things are the presidency, right?

Ya, not in this ward.

They pulled me up to the front of the room, and read my answers aloud.

1) Name - (okay so I answered this one normally.)

2) Birthday - (yes, I was honest here too).

3) Children – Yes, The husband tells everyone that he has 5, and I have 6.  (He refuses to grow up).

4) Do you work? – Yes, I talk for a living.

5) What are your children’s ages?  (I was honest here again, nothing about ages can make a person smile.)

6) What do you like to do in your spare time?  - Read, music, baking, cooking, and occasionally fingerpainting.

(So they asked if I like to fingerpaint with the kids, my response…. “With the kids?  Oh, ya, with the kids!”)
They asked me what kind of “talking”  I do for a living.  I was honest.   I told them I speak with women’s groups about balance.  They looked at me like I had totally lost it…how could I teach anyone to be balanced…I’m so obviously NOT balanced myself.  :)

Oh well.  They seemed to like me anyway.  I am excited to get to know this ward!

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  1. You gotta love the getting to know you stuff. But, mainly I'm sitting here trying not to be royally ticked off at Ammon about #3. Really? 'He refuses to grow up' is an understatement... :@