Warning!!! Gross!!!

7:57:00 AM

Saturday morning, I wasn’t feeling very well so I slept in a little while and let Annie and Becky “babysit”.  Of course by “sleeping in”  I mean approximately 8:30 (*GASP*) and by “babysit” I mean that the kids were in my room every five minutes asking a question or tattling on one of their siblings.
Usually the kids are pretty good.  They can make their own breakfast of toast or cereal, and typically can find something to watch on TV to keep themselves entertained.  This morning, though, they insisted on being a little more creative.  This Saturday morning – with mom in bed nursing a headache – they decided to play tag.

Now, I’m all for the occasional game of tag.  I’m even up for making it more interesting with the addition of flying projectiles.  Usually those flying projectiles add an element of skill and excitement.  Dodging the pillows, or folded up socks, or even Marshmallows – that’s fun.  Is this what they chose?  Of course not.  What were they throwing?  (here’s where you might want to hide your eyes, or even stop reading)

Wait for all those who are closing out, because their stomachs might be too weak…

If you are still here can you handle it?

Are you sure?



That’s right, Poop.

Somehow Alison had taken off her pull-up (big girl underwear was short-lived) and her small pellet-shaped poops ranging in size from pea-sized to quarter-sized were being shared freely with her brother and sisters who were playing “poop tag”.


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  1. Way to go kiddos:-) You're right that is NASTY and GROSS!!!! Can you tell how one would react to such a situation??? (Where was the hubby??)