Things I know…Volume III

8:27:00 AM

1)  For some reason, blue dye #1 doesn’t fully digest in any kids’ system.  In fact, for some reason the bright green portion of blue dye #1 cannot be absorbed by the body.  This makes for really fun bright-green-technicolor um…waste products.  Especially at 1 in the morning when the 11 year old (who decided to eat candy with said dye for dinner instead of actually eating dinner) loses the said candy … all over the carpet.
2)  The washer running is a soothing sound to three little girls who are trying to sleep on the pull out bed downstairs while mommy cleans the carpet upstairs. 
3)  Daddies have no stomach for technicolor-waste-products.  Mommies don’t either, but they like the possibility of them being left on the carpet even less.
4)  Daddies can only focus on one thing at a time.  In this case – it was the smell and the gross-out factor of it all.  Mommies on the other hand can clean the mess, comfort the child, change the sheets, calm and soothe the other children who have been roused from their beds, and light the CandleBreeze so that the odor can dissipate as quickly as possible.  Mommy then goes and takes care of Daddy – paralyzed with fear in the corner and still reeling from the “gross out” factor.
5)  Mommies can survive on three hours of interrupted sleep.  They may be grouchy, but they can survive.
6)  Just like when you wash your car you can almost immediately expect rain – when you clean and disinfect your house you can almost immediately expect middle of the night clean up jobs – like this one.

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