Jack Of All Trades, Master of None

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Growing up, I had a dream.  I wanted to become a florist or a baker with my own shop.  I wanted to be surrounded by fragrant flowers and sweet pastries.  I wanted to go to Paris and Italy.  I wanted to travel.
After graduating from high school I moved to Utah, although I had gotten into BYU – I chose not to go.  I got married.  I started my family.  A year later, I was divorced with a one year old – and found myself wondering where my dreams had gone.
Two things I must clarify before you read any further.
1) I do not regret any of my life choices.
2) I firmly believe that dreams do not change, they evolve.
I went through a long period of time where I threw myself a pity party.  I was worried that the choices I had made had derailed my path to pastries and flowers and ultimate happiness.  But – every time I looked into my sweet Annie’s face, and knew that not only had my future not derailed, it had only just begun.
I look at my friends from high school, and how they are completely living the dream they had outlined for themselves.  I talk to complete strangers who find out I was married at 20, and now have five children – and no, I never did complete my college degree (not yet anyway).
Being a single mom for two years, I was forced to try new directions.  I tried working in different industries, I took odd jobs.  I learned many, many new things.  I found out I was good at technology, I had an eye for graphic design and I was also learning to cook more – with less.  The point is, I didn’t ignore anything simply because it didn’t fit in with my “plan”.
My husband and I married in 2001.  He finished his degree at BYU and I was able to stay home with our rapidly growing family.  I still nurtured thoughts of having my own business – but my children always came first.  They were my happiness, and that is all there is to it.
I do many things.  I try new things.  I don’t stick with any one thing long enough to master it (it seems) – except for one.  I am a mom.  I’m a mommy.  I am Momma.  If there is but one path I can follow in my life, I’m pretty satisfied with the one that has found me.
Some may still be asking “why?” – Why in this age of working and having it all do I still choose the seemingly “old fashioned” role of stay at home mom?
This is why.
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