Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff?

2:34:00 PM

Ok, so a while ago I signed up for a service called SwagBucks.  Basically what it is is a search engine – much like Google or Yahoo – except for the fact that when you use it you earn SwagBucks that are redeemable for gift cards for stores like Apple, Amazon, Starbucks (not that I’d use that one) and other things.
I didn’t think much of it, it was more of a – well, I’ll try it and see type thing.  I also didn’t really see right away the benefit – I mean for some of the gift cards you needed a LOT of SB to get them.
But then they went and changed the system.
For example – a $10.00 gift card to yaysave.com is only 100 swagbucks.
$5.00 to Amazon.com?  140 Swagbucks.
or you can redeem them for merchandise:
549 Swagbucks will get you a set of 10 fine point markers.
9500 Swagbucks will get you an Apple iPod Shuffle.
and much more of course…
I realize that for the cool stuff, it’s a lot of points, and that can take time to get – HOWEVER…if you are using the internet to search anyway, and if you aren’t in any hurry to redeem your prize…why not?
If you are in a hurry to get a prize, there are other ways to get points.
1) They have a trade-in program for old cell phones and electronic equipment.  You send in your old devices that you aren’t using anymore (you know, the paperweights) and they deposit swagbucks in your account when it’s received.
2) You can use the tool bar – it’s a handy device that gives you the search box at your fingertips.
3) Finding swag codes.  These are fun little scavenger hunts they send you on from time to time.  If you use the toolbar the give you swagcodes through the notifications there too.  This isn’t required, it’s just another way they offer points.
4) Instead of using the address bar to go to your favorite websites, “search” for it instead.  SO, instead of typing “yoktom.blogspot.com” into your address bar to come here, simply search “yoktom blog” on your swagbucks toolbar.  Click on the appropriate search result to get here.  Yes, it’s one more step, but the possibility for earning swagbucks is worth it.
5) Finally – referrals.  Yes, you get points for referrals.  Tell everyone about Swagbucks, give them your unique link, and if they sign up (and are actively searching) you get points every time they do…up to 1000 points.
6) You can connect it with your facebook account so others will see when you get points (and possibly sign up using your referral link!)
There is fine print:
You don’t get points for every search, it’s random. 
You won’t always find the swagcodes.  Sometimes they are hidden pretty well…or at least they are to me.
If you do get a swagcode, don’t share it with anyone – you can hint at where it’s at, but don’t give it away…that’ll shut down your account. 

It’s fun.  It’s free.  It’s a cool way to get some of the things you want or need but don’t want to spend the money for.
So there you have it, something for nothing – or at least something for doing what you already do every day.
So – here is my referral code – if you are intrigued :) 

Happy searching!

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