Mormons. Are. Weird.

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How many times have you heard this? Growing up in a not-so-LDS community, I heard it quite a bit. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, many of us often find ourselves responding to many questions about our faith – and many misinterpreted “facts.”
I love these discussions, for the most part – as long as the person asking the question is willing to listen, and as long as the questions aren’t coming as part of an attack on me, my family or my faith. These are opportunities, to me, to teach others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the one I love so dearly, and believe KNOW with all my heart to be true. These discussions give me an opportunity to share with others why I believe what I believe – and what it is that makes me so happy.
It’s taken a long time to come out of my shell when it comes to talking about the Gospel. As a child, I attended church regularly until my parents divorced – when I was three. That’s right folks – my entire childhood primary existence stopped when I was a sunbeam … which is no wonder I still remember church as a child so fondly, when I was in Primary, I still got snacks every Sunday…
Anyway – the divorce was a long, drawn out, icky mess which I do not care to discuss – but long story made even longer – my mom stopped attending church after that, which meant I stopped going too. From time to time a well meaning friend or primary leader would come and take me to church or activities etc. but for the most part – I was not an active member as a child.
Flash forward to age 11. I moved in with my father (who no longer was a member) and began attending church with some friends. I tried other religions – nothing seemed a good fit. My parents supported whatever I did…and at 13 I made the decision to be baptized.
I. Became. Weird.
In a good way of course. Suddenly there was this whole new world of amazing people, friends, confidants – family. Since my own family was such a shattered mess – this just felt like home. My testimony grew. I grew. I was happy. (I am happy). I attended church by myself for a while, without family support – and eventually attended highschool and seminary. My knowledge of the Gospel grew and became more a part of me than I ever imagined. It was impossible to separate me from the Gospel.
I still had a core group of friends that were not members of the church, and many would ask questions to which I’d try to answer to the best of my ability. I didn’t have the support of family home evening, or family prayer – I didn’t know that these things were actually taking place in homes (I thought they were more of a kindly suggestion, or a pretty thought…) I just knew that I had the truth, and it was something I was going to hold dear to forever.
I’ve had many who support, many who laugh, many who are inquisitive, and many who are just mean. I’ve been called strange, stupid, moron (nice little play on words, no?), and of course weird. There have been many who seek me out only to tell me what I believe is wrong, and I’ve also been told I’m not Christian.
But. I. Don’t. Let. It. Bother. Me.
This is what I know to be the truth. Jesus Christ is my Brother, and the Son of the Living God. He suffered the sins of the world that I might be able to be forgiven of mistakes and return to be with Him. Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet of God in the Latter Days. Because of the Plan of Happiness – I can be with my family forever. We have a living prophet on the earth today.
I do not drink (alcoholic beverages anyway). I do not smoke. I do not partake in coffee or tea. I don't swear. I dress modestly (even if it means that I am not always up to date with the latest fashion trends). I have five kids. I enjoy one night a week dedicated to family board games or togetherness time. I pray with my family. I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a friend. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...I am a Mormon.
Mormons. Are. Not. Weird. They We. Are. Peculiar.

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