Mormons Do Celebrate Easter. Day Five.

9:47:00 PM

When I first started this project I thought it would be a good way for me to study, engross myself in my scriptures, and write down my thoughts as I learn.  I had no idea that the journey would lead me to a place of self discovery that I had before thought already existed.
This week as I started posting the series from – the week before Easter – Christ’s week – I began to really search introspectively.  I’ve found myself thinking a lot about His sacrifice, His last weeks, His thoughts, His moments.  He knew what it all was for.  He understood.  He was willing.  And He did it all for me.
So today when I went to search for the post on and prepared to share it with all of you, I was not prepared for the rush of emotions that came with reading the following line:

Although the scriptures don’t say what Jesus did on this day, we can imagine He spent the day with His disciples, perhaps telling the parable of the ten virgins. See Matthew 25:1-13.
He had to have known the end of his ministry on this Earth at that time was coming to an end.  He had to have known what was coming.  So what exactly what was this day spent doing?  Cherishing time with friends and family.  Teaching a few more important lessons.  Time in study and in prayer.  Just time.
How exactly does one prepare for something like suffering for the sins of the world?  Did He prepare his family?  What did He say to his mother? We know that at one moment in Gethsemane He asked that if possible remove this cup – but not as I will as Thou will…did He think about the possible suffering that He would endure during this Fourth day before Easter?  Did He know just how short His time was?
Did He know that one day, we’d all be sitting here – reading a blog on the internet wondering if what we do from day to day is enough to honor His sacrifice.

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