Mormons Do Celebrate Easter. Day Four.

10:52:00 AM

Via On the Fifth day before Easter, Jesus taught in the temple, and on the Mount of Olives. He taught by parable that if ye are prepared ye shall not fear. And then, Judas – one of his disciples betrayed him for 30 silver coins.
30 Silver coins.
I realize that was a lot of money then. In fact, it’s a lot of money even now. I also understand the betrayal was part of the grander plan. But to think about it, even in the simplest terms – 30 silver coins to betray a friend, let alone the Savior of the World…it just doesn’t seem enough.
I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about who I would be in Jesus’ story. Would I be like Mary who doubted Him not, would I have been in the multitude listening to His teachings, would I have been one of the persecutors?
It’s easy in these times for me to say that I would have defended Him. I would have hoped to gather at His feet. I would have learned of His teachings. I would have loved Him then as I do now. It’s easy for me to say that, knowing what I know to be true of Him. But when I take a look at my life today – how would I react to the Savior, the Son of God? How DO I honor His teachings, His sacrifice… Would I be there to wash His feet, or would I turn him over for 30 silver coins.
I suppose the answer lies in how I do live my life. Each day do I try to live as a disciple of Christ would live? Do I help a stranger when I see the need? Do I carry his image in my countenance? Do I think of Him in everything I do? Do I forgive others? Do I make amends? Do I live my life in a way that would make Him proud?
I try to. I really do.
There are many things that could amount to 30 pieces of silver. I could betray my beliefs. I could give up on living the Word of Wisdom. I could do things that I know are not in line with my beliefs or standard set forth by the teachings of the church. I could. But, that to me would be exactly like selling my friend, my Brother – for 30 pieces of silver.
I have made a promise, a commitment to hold true to these standards, hold to the rod, and to seek Him in all things. I’ve been taught to always keep my promises. I try to teach my children the same thing. Keeping promises made to a loving Father in Heaven just as you would keep promises made to a friend is not weird. I don’t even think it’s peculiar.

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