Mormons Do Celebrate Easter. Day One.

10:31:00 AM

Believe it or not I do get asked often if Mormons celebrate or recognize Easter.  When I answer "Of Course we do.” the first response is usually - “No, I mean the REAL Easter – the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.”
“Oh THAT Easter? I thought you were talking about bunnies and Cadburry eggs.”
(Sorry, there is this portion of me that was born sarcastic.  Most know this about me and embrace me for it.)
The truth is, absolutely we do. Christ was resurrected that we might live again. We most definitely celebrate Easter.
So, today I found this very cool series produced by Beginning today, 4/16/2011 through Easter Sunday, they will focus on the week before Christ’s resurrection.  I’m not sure what messages each video or thought will focus on, but I am very excited for the lessons and thoughts that will be taught and shared about this most crucial event.
The first video brought tears to my eyes (weird, I know.)  I have always gotten that way when I read about, hear talks about, or discuss the sacrifices He made for me.  I am forever grateful for the atonement, for the love I know He has for me, for the patience, kindness and mercy He freely gives to all.

“One of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path, we do not have to.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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