Mormons are not weird. They are people.

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I came across this article today written by an Elder Witt, currently serving as a Missionary in the state of Alaska.  Elder Witt had a desire to write an old fashioned letter.  He wanted to use a typewriter - the kind that runs on no electricity, and produces letters on plain white paper with the assistance of a hammer stroke and a black ribbon.  It may sound like ancient technology to many of you - but typewriters are what most people used to use before there were computers.  I even used one to write a few things back in my school days.
Elder Witt wanted to write, and he wanted to do it the old fashioned way - so he contacted a newspaper office and asked if they had an old typewriter...which they did, and happily gave to him.  You see, Elder Witt has a desire to one day be a journalist, and they wanted to help his ambition (or at least, that's the reason I believe that they offered the typewriter.)  Anyway, Elder Witt wrote a few letters, but he also wrote a column for the newspaper - and they published it.  What is the column all about?  Missionary work, of course - and the true nature of a missionary.  My favorite line from the column?

"we are just as nervous standing at your door as you are having us there. We are not trying to sell anything, so why do we do it? We do it to try to bring happiness into people’s lives."
Then he goes on to explain, a Missionaries' job is to uplift and inspire.  Help and to listen.  Be a friend.  Be a neighbor.  Be a servant of the Lord, in whatever he may be called to do.  Being a missionary isn't all about proselytizing.  It's about Service, friendship, humility, and doing good for all men.
"We missionaries are here to help and serve; when we are at the front door feel free to ask us to help with anything that is needed. We enjoy helping and serving, and we love doing it often. Don’t think of us as merely missionaries, think of us as people who want to uplift, inspire and comfort. We care and want to be friends with as many as we can. We truly want every person we meet to be happy. We believe that is what Christ’s work was, to bring true happiness into people’s lives."
I honestly wish Elder Witt luck.  I know he will not read this post.  I know he does not have access to the internet on his mission.  I also know that he did not expect the notoriety that this article is certainly going to bring him.  I do hope that someone in the great city of Homer, Alaska will find him or his counterparts and wish him happiness on his journey.  He's an amazing young man, and his strength in his testimony of Christ, of Service and of Love to all men has thus far helped him to grow into an amazing young man.  Well said Elder Witt.  I hope you keep writing and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
Mormons are not weird.  They are people.
to read Elder Witt's full article, please go here:

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