No Use Crying...

2:17:00 PM

The loud crash and subsequent splattering of chocolate milk all over the kitchen SHOULD have been a clue as to the kind of day we were headed for, but it wasn't.  I actually was pretty cheerful about cleaning up the mess and consoling the completely besought five year old daughter who had spilled it.  It's just spilled milk - no use crying.
Yes, I really did say that.  And, yes, I really did want to smack myself for it.
It's actually been a really eventful few days.  Never mind the fact that the spousal unit is across the world with a fifteen hour time is never dull or boring around here, and the kids are constantly cooking up new ways to keep it interesting.
This saga - well,it's not something that was done on purpose, but it is something that has to keep us on our toes for the next week or so.
What could it be?
Well - a spider bite, of course.
warning: this post is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.
For those that don't know, Alison was bitten by a spider.  Most likely a Brown Recluse (Eeeeewwwww!) and most likely while playing in our backyard.  I've never seen a Brown Recluse personally, but I've now become very familiar with them, and their stupid bites and venom.  So much so - that our house has become a battle field, and war has been declared on every creature with more than four legs (because you know, we have a dog and cat too.)
The bite happened Tuesday, to the best of our knowledge...really became painful and troublesome by Thursday, and by Friday it had turned into a - well - we're going to go with a REALLY painful sore. 
Anyway - In the emergency room (where I ultimately ended up) they cut it open, drained it out, and added a drain plug to it...then told me to take her home and have the plug removed Monday.
Wow - the way I just described that in one little sentence...doesn't quite capture the night...
I took her to the ER...
SCREAMING.  (her, not me)
They took her back.
SCREAMING. (still her, not me.)
they looked at the bite, and determined it needed to be cut open and cleaned.
(this is where she stopped screaming and it was more full bodied sobs.)
She declared "I'm better now, and I want to get out of this place."
(smart kid)
They wrapped her up in this mummy type thing so that they could keep her from kicking and pulling away.
(poor sweet little thing)
Then they started to numb it with a few shots of lidocaine...
"Does it feel better yet?" 
I don't know who was crying more, the doctor, the nurse holding her down, her, or me.
Anyway, they got it all cleaned up,and then awarded her with a popsicle for her bravery.
And then, we went home.
Flash forward to today - where we were supposed to go have the drain removed and all would be hunky dory in the world.
Seems that the antibiotics (she's on two) haven't quite done their job, and the infection has festered even more.
So off to PCH where they did the whole thing again.
This is what it looks like now.  I'm supposed to leave it open and let her soak in a tub twice a day for twenty minutes so it stays clean. If it isn't better by wednesday we have to take her back to the surgical associates to see if they can surgically clean and repair, because you know, that sounds like fun.
(not for weak stomachs)
So, after the whole spilled milk thing this morning, I have to say  -  milk in the scheme of things is very little - I'm not even worried about it - except of course that some of it might have seeped under the fridge where it will gather and become sticky and a source of food for more more-than-four-legged creatures - and now I am going to be pulling the  fridge,stove,table and everything else out so that I can clean it up properly.  And all by myself because the husband type person is thousands of miles away.
No use crying over spilled milk.
It's the spiders I worry about.

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