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Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe today’s find.

First I need to tell you a secret. 

I am a closet scrap-a-holic…but I’m not very good at it. 

Regardless of how pretty I can make my scrapbook pages, I do believe that it is very important to preserve your family history, and your personal history.  In fact, my most treasured possession is a book written by my grandmother that details her life from childhood through marriage, children and grandchildren.

Grandma. Kept. Very. Detailed. Notes. And. Journals.

I think she may have loved to have one of these:

(image source –

Look, I was skeptical about this at first – I figured it was just another scrapbook company (I’m from Utah originally, and I know scrapbook companies are a dime a dozen…seriously, go to the yellow pages, look ‘em up.)

This thing goes beyond a scrapbook (and doesn’t even require any frilly embellishments or glue.)  It’s a timeline.  In one book you can chronicle decades of a lifetime in one easy to read and view format.

The pages fold out in an accordion style so that you can read the entire timeline at once, or in periods of 10 units at a time.  Each unit gives you a space to note the things that are most important to you in that year. 

Who was your loved one/significant other?  (Or you know, who were you crushing on that year???)

What pets did you have?

What kind of car did you drive?

What school did you attend?

All at a glance.

You can flip the page over and write a detailed summary of the decade complete with embarrassing facts interesting tidbits.

You can buy either the Lifelines (which is the timeline described above) or the traditional scrapbook – OR you can opt to purchase both which come in a fabulous beautiful wonderful leather bound display quality case.


I’ve been trying to chronicle my history in this book since I got it three weeks ago.  It’s been a fun walk down memory lane and a great family project  (EWWWW Mom!  You drove WHAT?????)

I won’t lie to you, it is a big purchase - $125.00 for the Classic Edition or $49.95 for just the LifeLines book – however, Like I said above, the most priceless possession I own is my grandmother’s history.  This will last for generations, as will your family legacy – and that is what is most important.

*As with all Fabulous Finds posts – I have this product in my possession and have used it myself.  I am not in any way compensated for this review of this product nor will I receive any compensation should you decide to purchase this product.  Archivalife did offer me a complimentary sample of the product for review.  Please refer to our disclaimer if you have any further questions.*

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