Bounce Dryer Bar

10:46:00 AM

Not too long ago I saw this fabulous commercial.

Bounce Dryer Bar Commercial

Notice how it promises busy working mothers more time simply by cutting out the step of adding a dryer sheet or liquid softener to your laundry batches.  If you know me -and since you are reading this blog you most likely do – you know few things get me more excited than finding those things that allow me to shave precious seconds off of my already busy schedule.  So, I decided to give it a try.

I went to the store full of grandeur and ideas about how my Laundry might now magically fold itself, and the garbage will suddenly sprout legs and walk itself to the curb.  While I know these were the fanciful ideas of an overly exhausted mom, I decided to give it a try anyway.

I purchased the dryer bar, and brought it home.  I ripped open the package with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning and immediately sniffed in the glorious vapors it was emitting.  This thing smells really good.  Possibly a bit flowery for my husband’s taste, but really smells great nonetheless.

I installed it into the dryer.  I was a bit disappointed, for some reason I thought it was a magnetic application, but alas – it is a sticky backed adhesive.  I thought twice about using it.  If I don’t like it am I going to have this thing stuck in my dryer forever?  Will the heat permanently adhere it to the drum and I’ll end up with sticker backed foam in there?  I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it out anyway.  Anything for you, my precious blog readers.

The first batch of laundry I washed was a batch of whites and delicates.  These things tend to have a lot of static electricity in them after coming out of the dryer (they are actually really fun to fold in the dark and watch them spark!)  I was hoping the bounce dryer bar would help with this.  Unfortunately, it was discovered that they were still very static clingy when coming out of the dryer after being tumbled with the bounce dryer bar installed.  After attempting to fold the batch and fighting with the cling for about five minutes, I decided to throw a dryer sheet into the batch and re-run it.  So much for shaving precious seconds.

The second batch I tried was towels.  I ran seven full size towels and about ten wash rags through the batch.  Once again, the batch came out smelling fantastic (have I mentioned how much I love how this smells?) But the softness and static cling left a lot to be desired.  Again I threw a dryer sheet into the batch and restarted the dryer.

Bottom line?  When used with a Dryer sheet the dryer bar works fabulously well.  I enjoy the smell of the product, although I don’t know that I’d buy it simply for that alone.  It does soften the batch a little bit, but perhaps not enough for my taste.  It certainly didn’t help with the static cling.  I’m going to go back to using simply dryer sheets – one per batch as I’ve always done – and find other ways to shave seconds off of my laundry folding duties. 

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