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The CandleBreeze.
I not only have one, but I wish I had one more!
If you like to cook with garlic, you’ll want one.
If you have pets, you’ll want one.
If you have kids (that often come with their own set of fragrances…)  you’ll definitely want one!
What is a Candle Breeze you ask?  It’s a flameless candle, that goes a little beyond a simple candle warmer.  It has an integrated fan that allows the scent to gently waft through the house…filling up to 2500 square feet with only one unit.

That’s right sports fans…2500 square feet.

And it’s perfectly safe.  (And since my recent house fire involving electric appliances…I’m even more paranoid than ever…but not about my CandleBreeze.)

My favorite scent (at the moment) is fresh peach, but vanilla sugar cookie is growing on me too…oh and fresh oranges and then there’s the cinnamon one…oooo and don’t forget the spiced wassail at Christmastime…On second thought, I have no favorite.  I like them all.

The candlebreeze costs about $50.00 for a a large unit and comes with one scent.  Replacement scents are about $7.00 each for the large units.  You can purchase them from their website at

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