Cookie Dipped Drumsticks

11:26:00 AM

Okay, so I have an ice cream problem. 

The problem is, there is never enough.  Really.  That’s my problem.

I’ve always liked the quick easy ice cream treats like Klondike bars and Drumsticks – the only problem is they’ve always been messy.  Klondikes break open and the ice cream melts all over and Drumsticks have those nuts that go everywhere…
But not the Cookie dipped ones.

These things are so fabulous.
The chocolate on the outside is a perfect blend of creamy chocolaty goodness with bits of crunchy chocolate cookie mixed in.  The cone (as always) is crunchy and not chewy…and if you are lucky you can get one that has a caramel center.

Anyway – these things are awesome.  You need one.  Now.

They are sold at most grocery retailers for aproximately $6 a box of 8.

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