Eye Tattoo

11:52:00 AM

I’m not much of a makeup wearer.

Probably because I’m naturally beautiful…and humble…but mostly beautiful.

But the little bit of Makeup I do wear comes from one of those boutique-y shops that sells the kind of makeup that is supposed to be good for your face (because you know, purposely making your face dirty every day is good for it…)

Anyway – while I was shopping one day, I found these:


They are rub on tattoos – for your eyes!  Forget trying to get the “smokey eye” with differing shades of brown and black – heck no!  Just press one of these babies against your eye …

So you know I bought some, right?  I had to try them out.

*the following story is true – although no photographic evidence exists – I swear, it’s true…I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up.*

I decided to buy the Smokey eye set – although animal prints were intriguing, I couldn’t think of any real-world applications for them – after all, it is JULY, not OCTOBER.


The instructions seemed simple enough, remove the protective backing, apply to eye, remove carefully and then brush with the setting powder.


I remove the protective backing.

I then take about fifteen minutes to look over the product. 

I can’t seem to figure out which end is up.  Does anyone know – for a smoky eye does the dark part go on top or bottom?  I do a quick internet search and decide it goes on top…back to my project.

I cut the piece in half so that each “eye” is on a single piece of paper.  I figure this is smart, because you see I don’t want to smudge the other eye while I’m working with the first one.  I’m really proud of this discovery – because you see it didn’t say to do that in the instructions.

I lift the shadow to my eye and apply.

I then think back to my childhood days of temporary tattoos – you had to press HARD for those to transfer.

So the pressing commenced.

This is where I should note that this isn’t your typical tattoo…it’s powder with some sort of an adhesive built in.  You can lightly brush your finger past, and it’s gonna get some shadow on it.  But, I didn’t think of that.  I PRESSED.

Note number two – don’t apply in haste – make sure it’s on straight.

I’m just sayin’.

When I removed – actually peeled – this thing back – first, it hurt.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the extra pressing, or just because the adhesive is that strong…either way, it was not a comfortable experience.  Again, pretty sure it was user related, and not product related.

I looked in the mirror at my handy work.


Not so much smoky eye – more like, well ---- (and this is NOT me)  This:


Why the lack of photographic evidence you ask?  Well – quite frankly, I was worried I’d scare my kids.

That and I was pretty sure my husband might make fun of me for life.

So I tried to scrub it off.  

It didn’t feel good at all to scrub off.  This stuff is definitely meant to stay.

Thank goodness I had some heavy duty makeup remover left over from Halloween.

It did leave me with some red eye lids which did scare the kids.  I promise it was a lot less traumatizing than the smoky eye effect.  Well, maybe…

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