Franny Cheese Steak

10:51:00 AM

This recipe I give credit to my mother...the first Jill of All Trades I knew.


1lb ground beef
1 medium white onion - chopped (approximately 1/2 cup)
1 green pepper - chopped (approximately 1 cup)
2 tbsp butter or oil (for frying)
2 cups mozzarella cheese
6 Hoagie or Deli Rolls

In a deep sauté pan, melt the butter or pour in cooking oil.

Add the vegetables cooking until crisp-tender.

Crumble the ground beef into the pan - added to the onions and green peppers until fully browned.

Drain any fat from the beef, and return to the pan.

cover the meat mixture with the mozzarella cheese, cover pan and allow for the cheese to melt.

Serve meat on the hoagie buns.

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