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Three years ago, we lived in a town called Laveen, Arizona.  It was the height of the wildfire season, and we were under a constant threat of evacuation as a fire burned approximately three miles from our home.

Even though we had two major roads to serve as fire breaks, I was still concerned.  It isn’t every day that a fire threatens to wipe out your entire neighborhood, your schools, parks, stores, homes…Let’s just say it was a tiny bit disconcerting.

One thing I had working in my favor was this.


This is Life.doc  - and it’s definitely a Fabulous Find.  Inside this seemingly unassuming little binder are several tabs – organizing your most important documents and papers.  There’s a place for birth certificates, immunization records, insurance policies, emergency contact numbers, health records (was little Jimmy allergic to penicillin or was it Tabitha?).  It takes a few hours to set up and fill out – but worth every minute once done.

In addition, we also have Valuables.doc- the binder to help you catalog all your valuables and irreplaceable in the event of something truly unimaginable, like a wildfire or home burglary.  There’s a place to store photos, receipts, serial numbers, and other important –yet easily forgettable in a stressful situation – information.

Get Buttoned UP! has products for organizing and simplifying many aspects of life.  And I truly do consider them a Fabulous Find.  Their binders start at about $20.00 and can be found at Target Stores, which is where I got mine.

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