Masterpiece - By Julie deAzevedo

11:20:00 AM

Here’s where I admit something to you all.

I like music.  All kinds.  My CD player contains everything from Metallica to Mana, Broadway to Boston Pops, Groupie Pop to Gospel.  I’ll even admit to owning a Brittany Spears CD (from the teeny bopper years – before she got weird)

My favorite CD right now, however has got to be Masterpiece by Julie de Azevedo.


If you don’t know who she is – you can find out more about her here.

I. Love. Her. Music. Seriously.

And the cool part about Julie?   She’s a mom, with a real life and real “days” and just real everything.  And maybe that’s why I like her music so much – I can totally relate to her style.

The music is uplifting, it’s feel good – it’s fun to listen to.  (And, when I’m listening to her CD, dancing around my kitchen, signing along at the top of my voice – my kids look at me like I’ve totally lost it – which is also a great bonus especially when they have friends over…that’s the best time to do it).

There are some great clips of her music Here: – where you can get to know her.  Her music is best described as contemporary Christian – you know, songs that have GOOD messages in them not songs that talk about, well other things.

Her music is good. I promise.  She’s an interesting person – the real deal.  Oh, and there’s an added bonus to listening to her music – it makes you feel good.  A smile is always a good thing.

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