8:41:00 AM

imageSo the other day when Alison and I were at Deseret Book, I found this CD which looked like a lot of fun for the kids.  (yes, the kids...honest).  So I purchased it and once we got in the car I immediately popped it in (pun TOTALLY intended) for a quick listen.
The songs are catchy and entertaining, and full of a hip hop beat that reminds me of all of the songs on the "Just Dance for Kids" game. 
It's now been playing in my CD player non-stop for three days.
Someone save me now.
Why do we,as parents, do this to ourselves?  We think - "oh look -here's something fun that will keep the kids entertained in the car and might not be to terrible to listen to myself"
and then after purchase we are silently screaming in our heads,

"Dear Mother - for all that is good and holy in this earth - make it stop! make it stop! I'll do anything you ask, just please, make it stop!!!!"
It wouldn't be so bad I suppose, if I hadn't realized that I had been singing and bopping along to the tunes for a full 20 minutes before I discovered I was in my car alone...
Yea, that's typically not something I should admit in public is it?
No worries, this isn't public, it's my blog - and my lovely three readers won't tell anyone, right?  Right???
Anyway - I want you to experience the joy that is Popcorn Bopping.  My kids love it.  And this tune, well - it's growing on me.

Now you are going to have that song stuck in your head all day.
You're welcome.

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