Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips

11:18:00 AM

We are going to try something a little different today for our Fabulous Finds post...You get to see me on VIDEO!  (and my lovely assistant Elizabeth...the cutest little helper EVER.)

Also - I didn't choose this because I'm prissy and like to have my nails done.  I chose this because It makes me feel pretty when I have my nails done.  It's totally different.  Trust me.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Yes, I'm aware of the faces she's making, and I think it's totally hilarious.  Silly Girl.

Here is the gorgeous picture of my with sparkles.  Awww perrrtttyyy...


Wow...those are some, um...ginormous toes.


But they are pretty, and I do feel like a happy girl.  So there.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips are about $10.00 but you can usually find a coupon to make them cheaper.  They can be found at most discount and drug stores. I got mine at Walgreens.

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