The Litter Kwitter

10:54:00 AM

IMAG0516Okay, I did it. 

I'm a gullible little pet owner that would have previously mocked this product on my other  blog - but desperate times call for desperate measures.


Wow, say that out loud and it really does  sound completely redonkulous doesn't it?

Okay, five minutes of public mocking and ridicule start: NOW.

Phase one of the master plan started yesterday when I moved his rather large, rather bulky litterbox to the IMAG0518bathroom from the laundry room.  A quick inspection of said box this morning confirmed that he was okay with the new location - and it didn't confuse him at all.  (The dog however seemed very annoyed as she has been using the litterbox from time to time for her own business, and to search for "kitty roca" as my friend Krista calls it...on another side note - ewwwwww!)

Today,  we moved on to phase two...removing the rather big, rather bulky litterbox and replacing it wiIMAG0519th this small-ish toilet shaped thing filled with 5 cups of litter, and then introducing him to it.

Believe it or not, he seemed pretty okay with it. He scratched around, sniffed, dug some far he hasn't used it,but I can't force that, I just have to let nature take it's course, do I not?

IMAG0521Phase three is where I start to be concerned...see phase three through five cause issues for anyone else that might want to use that bathroom in the meantime, because the LitterKwitter replaces the regular toilet seat. And of course I just remembered we are hosting a Super Bowl party in a week and a half...this ought to be I tell the guests to use the upstairs bathroom, or tell them to scoop out their mess when they are done...hmmmmm....)   At any rate, this should be interesting, and I promise to chronicle the progress here.  Words of support and encouragement are welcomed, of course - as is the public mocking. I know this is crazy. I am embracing that.  Who better to try something like this than me? Heh.

I potty trained five kids.  A cat can't be that difficult. Right?   Right????

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