Things I know because I have kids.

5:27:00 PM

image1.) Webkinz is spelled with a "z" like Zebra, not with an "s" like snake.
2.) Chicken is gross, but chicken nuggets are awesome.
3.) Potatoes are gross, but French fries are amazing.
4.) The "kids" channels start at 290 on Direct TV and go to 300.
5.) No matter how much I protest, Lightning McQueen is MUCH cooler than Herbie the Love Bug.  (I still disagree.)
6.) It is actually impossible to make it through the day without peanut butter and bread in the house.
7.) NASA-like countdowns are appropriate in EVERY situation that involves a timer or a stopwatch.
8.) Tomato catsup is indeed a vegetable...even though Tomatoes are a fruit.  (to be fair, I learned this from the school lunch program.)
9.) Nothing I own is actually mine.  Ever.
10.) To have a child is to decide that your heart will walk forever outside of your body.
Yes, I stole the last one.

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