11:30:00 AM

Today’s product comes to us via my daughter, Ali.


Isn’t he cute???  Sure he is!   So what IS he?

This is Zadyball … Baby Ringo the Octopus to be exact – and he’s cute as a button.  His tentacles are perfect for baby to grab on to and hold, his body is soft and squishy and he has a special surprise inside…bells…but not the obnoxious loud bells, a perfect little jingle sound that entertains baby, and doesn’t drive mom crazy.  The best part?  This little lovey (that your child will CERTAINLY grow attached to) is machine washable!  That’s right…try throwing that favorite teddy bear in the washer…go ahead, I dare you…No worries like that with the ZadyBall!

Zadyball has many different styles, animals, bugs, and simply round balls – AND she’ll customize one for you if you aren’t quite finding your favorite little buddy on the site.

My baby loves it – and come to think of it, a few of the big kids in the house like it too.  In fact, I was interviewed on our local television network and the camera guy also thought it was fabulous…I had to fight to get it back.  This thing is awesome.

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