Litter Kwitter Update - Stage TWO.

8:59:00 AM

imageSo, Sly and I have moved into stage two of our Litter Kwitter journey. 

One thing I'd like to mention here - if you do intend to try out this Litter Kwitter thing - make sure that you know that your kitten is going to throw litter EVERYWHERE.

Also - make sure you have a slotted spoon you NEVER, and I mean EVER plan to use again (even when you have people over that you don't like. It isn't nice, or sanitary.)  in the kitchen because the small grooves in the pan make it next to impossible to get anything bigger than a small slotted spoon into it to clean out your kitty's business.

Anyway - moving on -

we've moved on to stage two.  The Litter Kwitter is still in stage RED (a solid ring that fits inside the toilet seat cover) but it has been moved up onto the toilet.

At first Sly was apprehensive.

Then he realized that he can kick and throw litter as hard as his little paws will allow and it hits the wall with a fun popping sound.

Yea, that's been entertaining.

He's also realized that because we have an elongated toilet, the Litter Kwitter doesn't exactly fit the whole the small one inch of space between it and the back of the toilet seat is PERFECT for his little paws to go thru and play with the water.

That has also been fun.

This stage is definitely not for the weak of heart - it is MESSY.  And keeping the thing clean is almost more work than potty training a three year old child.  BUT - at least it's a step in the right direction, and YES, he has used it today  - which is a positive step in the right direction.

I am just hoping he doesn't figure out how to get his arm underneath it and flip it off the toilet seat. 

Because yes, right now, that is my biggest fear.  That, and the dog remembering that she likes the litter box as well.  She's not quite as agile as a cat and well - that could only end badly.

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