Mormons are not weird. But I am. *grin*

7:35:00 PM

I promise I've not gone away and left this blog to wither away as a dry reed.  I've not given up on my already embraced weirdness, nor the weirdness of the people around me. 
Truth is, I've just been busy.
While that is not about to change (not by a long shot, considering I've recently decided to go back to school and finish my degree), I do hope to get back to posting here regularly.
I realize there are a lot of blogs out there like this one that are written by Mormons like me with a love of the Gospel and the desire to share it with others - even if it is in their own weird little way.  I started writing this blog for my daughter who was trying to overcome the stigma of being a "weird" Mormon, but I think it's actually started helping me to define more thoroughly who I am, and helped me to become more comfortable in sharing the basic foundations of what I believe - not only behind the anonymous walls of cyberspace, but in person - face to face - when others ask or question, or simply want to know what it is that makes me - well, me.
So, I'm a mom, a daughter, a wife, a science fiction geek, have an almost incontrollable sweet tooth at times, I like fried foods, dancing to music with the kids ( and without) I believe in being honest with my fellow man, I rather enjoy attending three hours worth of church each Sunday, I believe my family is forever - and that makes me happy rather than terrifies me (although, I have to admit at times it is  the latter...) I like to stay busy with mindless television from time to time, I'm a student (both literally and figuratively), I'm a little strange, a lot weird...
and I'm a Mormon.

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