Examples of Faith. Elder David Archuleta.

8:18:00 PM

I am not a big teeny bopper music fan.  Bieber throws me into involuntary convulsions and any of the Disney babies - don't get me started.  But,  to every rule, there is always an exception, and gradually David Archuleta has become that exception for me.
My teenage daughter has always liked his music, in fact for her 12th birthday she asked for his album 'The Other Side of Down'.  I listened to it with her, and even (secretly) ripped a copy of it to my own mp3 player to listen to - in the car - when nobody was listening with me.  But the more I learned about this amazing young man, the more I liked him.
He has always stuck to his values.
He believes strongly in his faith.
He holds very high standards.
And most recently - he's been willing to give up his entire music career for two years to serve a mission for his church in a foreign country, likely void of the luxury comforts that he's come accustomed to with his success.
He's cut his hair.  He's traded in the schedule of the road for a 6 AM to 10 PM proselytizing schedule (which might actually be easier...).  He's traded in fame and adoring fans for door to door possible humiliation and being openly mocked by those who do not believe nor understand his faith (side note, I've had missionaries over to our home for dinner who have shared experiences such as having beverages hurled at them from passing cars while riding their bikes down the street.)  And, he's using his own money to do so.
This is Elder David Archuleta, who entered the Missionary Training Center this week just in time to sing in the choir during conference.  Elder David Archuleta, the world famous teeny bopper rock star who is just one among many missionaries sharing the same gospel message, and is happily doing so.
If there was going to be someone that my daughter is going to crank up his music, dance around and be crazy, and swoon every time he comes on the radio or television etc...well, then I'm okay with it being this young man.  (for the record, there is no swooning, not yet - none that I know of...or that she'd admit to, come to think of it - her friends read this blog, I'm not sure I should be posting that about her...oh well, too late now.  I don't have any white-out, after all.)
Anyway, my point is, he's a great young man and I admire his faith and ability to follow and live it.  I only hope that I too am able to live my faith as boldly as he has, and not be ashamed to do so.  He's made this very personal decision in a very public way, as his career dictates.  I will never have to make such a personal choice so publicly, but I do hope that I can follow his example of living my faith in such a way that nobody doubts my beliefs.

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