Crock Pot Peach Cobbler

8:12:00 AM

Since I am fairly new to the whole "cooking-breakfast-in-the-crockpot" thing, I've been staying fairly conservative in the recipes I'm trying out.  I'm still trying to figure out a)what the oven to crock pot temperature conversion ratio is and b)I'm kind of low on things like eggs and sausage right now, and with it being 20 bagillion degrees cold outside I don't want to go to the store to get more. So, conservative we stay - plus, it's kind of great to be able to use some of the food storage items we have around that need to be rotated.

So today, we are making peach cobbler.

In the interest of full disclosure,
this is not my photo. I thought I
had taken one, but it turns out
my camera did not save the image. But,
this is pretty darn close.
1 large (28 oz) can of peaches - with juice.
1 white cake mix (or yellow, whichever you prefer. I think french vanilla might be good too...)
1 stick of butter cut into 8 to ten squares
1 cup brown sugar, divided
2 tsp cinnamon
pam (to spray the crock pot, of course)

1)Pour the can of peaches into the crock pot, including the juice (or syrup, whatever.)
2) Chop up the peaches.  I use a pampered chef food chopper right in the crock pot, you can use whatever you find easiest.
3) sprinkle 1/4 cup of the brown sugar over the peaches.
4) dump the entire cake mix (dry) on top of the peaches, spread it evenly.  DO NOT MIX.
5) Sprinkle remaining brown sugar over the cake mix.
6) sprinkle the cinnamon over the cake mix and brown sugar
7) Arrange the butter squares on top of the entire mixture.
8) Set the crock pot to cook on low for 6 hours at the required timer (I usually start mine at 11 PM to be done at 6.)
9) Go to bed, sleep, wake up - EAT!

I have to say, waking up each morning to a house that smells like freshly baked breakfast has taken me back to childhood.  I remember waking up each morning and mom having breakfast ready for us to enjoy before heading to school - in my very young formative years anyway.  I love that I can set the crock pot to do this for me - I only wish I had figured this whole thing out sooner.

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