The Pinterest "Sharpie Glass Art" Project

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Everyone on Pinterest has seen it at least once. According to the pin, you go to the dollar store, buy some one dollar glassware, take a plain old regular Sharpie, write or decorate to your little heart's content, bake it in the oven, and Voila! Magically, the design is permanently set.

While it is pretty close to the truth (Sharpie DOES make glass markers) it isn't entirely true.

I decided to figure this out once and for all, and here's what I found... You can indeed create unique art projects on glassware and bake to set it for a one of a kind dinner service.  You cannot use a plain old Sharpie marker.

What you will need:

1) Glass markers.  Sharpie does make these, however, you need to make sure they are the markers intended for glass.  A plain Sharpie will not work (Have I said this before?  I feel like I am repeating myself...)  They are also available from other brands.

2) Glass items.  I find them everywhere, at the dollar store, Target, Flea Markets, Goodwill, Deseret Industries...wherever you can find glass or glazed stoneware - what you pay for it is up to you.  I prefer the cheap er--- inexpensive kind.

3) An idea. Unless you are fabulous at creating on the fly...I can't do that.  I need a plan.

4) A clean dry area to work...and to lay out the projects while they dry.

5) An oven.  Just your regular oven that you occasionally bake cookies in will do nicely.


1) Clean and dry the glassware.

2) Write on or draw your design on the pieces.  We created mugs with each family member's name on them...

3) Let dry according to the marker directions. The ones we used required a 4 hour dry time before baking.

4) Place items in a COLD oven.  Heat to temperature per the pen instructions.  The ones we used required 350 degrees.

5) Start a timer (ours needed 30 minutes).  Let items bake in the oven until the timer goes off.  Once cycle is complete, turn off the oven but DO NOT REMOVE THE GLASSWARE.

6) Allow painted glass to set in oven until cool enough to touch.

7) Remove and enjoy!  All of your artwork should now be permanently set and dishwasher safe!

I used mugs and put each family member's name (in their color, of course) on them. I then found a really cool hanging rack and hooks at IKEA for under 15 dollars.  These mugs are used by each family member to get drinks through the day.  It's great for me because the kids can reach their own mug, AND there aren't a million cups all over the house because so and so forgot where they put their cup and then got out a new one ... times seven.  (Yes,I'm totally guilty too.)  It has helped cut down on the top rack dishwasher clutter, and keeps the counter tops somewhat free of mess too.  We take them down at the end of the night and wash them so they are ready for use the next day.

(I do have to say, as much as I wish I could claim this idea as my own, it isn't. I learned this handy trick from my amazing mother in law - only, she used cup hooks drilled directly into the cabinet - which also works really well.)

Happy Craftng!

In case you missed it, here I am on Arizona Midday discussing this craft with Jan d'Atri:

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