Bare Minerals - Secret Bottom (How to get all the mineral makeup out of the sifter jar)

2:21:00 PM

I've been wearing Bare Minerals makeup now for about 8 years.

Wow.  That makes me feel old.

If you aren't familiar with Mineral makeup, and are looking for something new in your beauty routine, I highly recommend it. It's light, and doesn't feel oily, and since I started using it, my face has completely been devoid of acne...although - we did just determine that I am pretty dang old...

Anyway - that isn't the reason for this post.

If you have worn Bare Minerals brand specifically for a while, you may have noticed that about two years ago they changed the way their little powder canisters seal.  Where they USED to have a nifty little sifter that you could pop out when your makeup was running low to get the last few bits out - now they are completely sealed up top leaving disappointed cheapskates makeup wearers like me completely frustrated at leaving those last few days worth of makeup in the jar.

So one day, while in a Bare Minerals store purchasing some pretty sparkley silver eye shadow (that my daughter immediately started calling crushed-up-Edward - I love that kid) I brought up the frustration to the girl behind the counter.  To which she said...

"Just flip it over and take out the bottom."


Voila!  You sure can!

Now I'm wishing I had saved all those past jars.  Oh well -now I know!

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