Oz, the Great and Powerful

12:29:00 PM

Years ago, I was sitting in a friend's livingroom watching a demonstration on fancy cookware.  The party was fun, the atmosphere was great, the food was fantastic (and so easy duplicate at home - with a few product purchases, of course), and I thought to myself - wow, this looks easy, I could totally do this.  By the end of the demonstration, she had me; hook, line, and sinker.  So, when she mentioned just how much money I could make selling these very same products, and the pictures and stories of 'those who had made it', not to mention those exciting incentive trips...and with just a small investment of $150.00, I couldn't wait to get out my credit card.

It wasn't long in that business that I realized something.  Those people who had made it big - those who had made so much money and were living so easily and freely - they were like the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz.  Everyone knew of them, we all saw their pictures flashed across the screen when we logged into our offices.  What none of us knew, however, were the people themselves.  I was never put into contact with a successful representative.  There was never a phone call where I could interact with them directly.  And, even though one was in my direct organizations up line - she didn't know my name, let alone what I was trying to accomplish in the business.  Like the Great and Powerful Oz, they were figureheads - smiling faces that enticed people like me to join into the MLM craze, and you know what? It worked.  For a short period, I had dreams of grandeur, I was going to make it big like them...but after a few years, and lack of support from my upline...excitement faded, and I eventually left that company.

Several years later, a friend of mine introduced me to essential oils through a direct sales company.  I laughed at her, and relayed my experience with the cooking products.  I politely informed her that there was no way - ever - that she was going to get me to buy into the business.  I loved the products, and yes, I enrolled so I could use them in my home - but that was it - no way was I going to grow this business.  I was done searching for the Emerald City. 

But then my friend did something extraordinary.  She picked up her phone, dialed a number, and handed it to me.  On the other end of the line was a diamond leader in the company.  She was someone who had made it, and in a big way.  The fact that my friend could just dial her number, she answered, and had time to talk to me...that was huge.  The second part of that call that blew me away?  She knew me.  She knew my account. She was very aware of who I was, and was very willing to help me in any way I needed.

Sometimes being involved with direct sales is much like searching for the Great and Powerful Oz.  Some make it, many don't - and the biggest factor between the two is the commitment of their upline and enrollers to their team.  My presidential diamond knows me.  I have her number.  We are friends on Facebook.  If I have a question, she'll answer it.  If I need help, she's there.  Everyone on my team is.  Regardless of rank.  Everyone here is committed to your success - regardless of what that level of success desired is.

I am dedicated to helping my team succeed.  I am dedicated to building something with you, and for you - because we both benefit in the end.  If you want to know more - click here.


It's MAY!

9:57:00 AM

 (Please excuse the 90's boy band song reference, sometimes, I just can't help myself....)

Which means, PROMO UPDATE! 

Super excited for May - because first, the weather is gorgeous, school gets out here in AZ, and to top it all off, decided to go and rock some pretty amazing stuff. 

So, if you can't see the fine print there - 10% off on the metabolic blend (to help with those beach body dreams for June and July!), FREE Lemon with 125PV order (not enrollments), AND 50 product credits FREE when you enroll with 100PV or more. 

*so for those that are confused as to what the heck PV stands for - there's a handy little guide HERE*

 Here's a little more info on the 50PV Free promotion. Here's the vital points:
Enroll with 100PV or more between May 1 and May 31 - get the 50PV credited to your account.  That's it. Done. No extra qualifying order to place, no hoops to jump - just 50 product credits, free.

*Side note - if you enroll with a Natural Solutions Kit - and place a 100PV order the next month, you'll get an additional 100PV free in your account, totaling 150 PV For free.*

And finally - who doesn't love Mother's Day promotions? These are limited time only - but for $20 (wholesale) you can get a scarf diffuser (Cool right??? there's a bamboo diffuser sewn in!) plus a bottle of Ylang Ylang.  I already ordered mine, (Because in our house mom buys her own gifts...)and I love it. Although, to be honest, I diffuse Balance because it's my all time favorite.


Taking Control.

7:55:00 AM

So, I have to admit this - and I'm admitting it publicly because I'm afraid I spoke too soon on these.

The new Metabolic Blend Bars are, in a word, AMAZING.

The first time I tried them, I was not impressed.  I felt they tasted quite horrible, and couldn't stomach the thought of eating them more than once.  But, then a friend convinced me otherwise.

You see - you should never, ever, ever taste test something new when you have allergies, or a head cold - or both. Your taste buds are usually not present fully to do their job.  I guess that's why everything you eat when sick tastes like socks...gym socks...after a hard workout.

I'm a big girl and can admit when I'm wrong.  Plus, I'll try anything twice...almost anything...please don't make me prove that...

Anyway, I had a bar this morning. Apricot flavored.  It was actually good.  Chewy - like a fig newton - with some fun crunch for added texture.  I ate the whole thing.  For breakfast.  And you know what? It was good - and I'm not hungry - nor am I reaching for the candy stash I have hidden in the kitchen.

These Bars are "a way to take better control of your hunger and help you on your path to managing your weight and ultimately your overall well-being...They contain a revolutionary ingredient extracted from spinach that has been clinically shown to significantly reduce appetite for up to six hours."

It also comes in a drink mix that comes in a tube for easy transport in a purse or lunch bag. I've not yet tried those - I'll let you know - as for right now, though, I've ordered a variety pack of the bars for me and my husband.  I think I'll fill the cookie jar with them.


PS - if you want to buy some, you can do that or if you'd like to find out how you can get them at wholesale prices, click here.


Because, I'm Happy!

9:52:00 AM

Happy Easter weekend, everyone.  May you have a good conference, and enjoy the solitude in remembering our Savior.