Taking Control.

7:55:00 AM

So, I have to admit this - and I'm admitting it publicly because I'm afraid I spoke too soon on these.

The new Metabolic Blend Bars are, in a word, AMAZING.

The first time I tried them, I was not impressed.  I felt they tasted quite horrible, and couldn't stomach the thought of eating them more than once.  But, then a friend convinced me otherwise.

You see - you should never, ever, ever taste test something new when you have allergies, or a head cold - or both. Your taste buds are usually not present fully to do their job.  I guess that's why everything you eat when sick tastes like socks...gym socks...after a hard workout.

I'm a big girl and can admit when I'm wrong.  Plus, I'll try anything twice...almost anything...please don't make me prove that...

Anyway, I had a bar this morning. Apricot flavored.  It was actually good.  Chewy - like a fig newton - with some fun crunch for added texture.  I ate the whole thing.  For breakfast.  And you know what? It was good - and I'm not hungry - nor am I reaching for the candy stash I have hidden in the kitchen.

These Bars are "a way to take better control of your hunger and help you on your path to managing your weight and ultimately your overall well-being...They contain a revolutionary ingredient extracted from spinach that has been clinically shown to significantly reduce appetite for up to six hours."

It also comes in a drink mix that comes in a tube for easy transport in a purse or lunch bag. I've not yet tried those - I'll let you know - as for right now, though, I've ordered a variety pack of the bars for me and my husband.  I think I'll fill the cookie jar with them.


PS - if you want to buy some, you can do that or if you'd like to find out how you can get them at wholesale prices, click here.


Because, I'm Happy!

9:52:00 AM

Happy Easter weekend, everyone.  May you have a good conference, and enjoy the solitude in remembering our Savior.