It's MAY!

9:57:00 AM

 (Please excuse the 90's boy band song reference, sometimes, I just can't help myself....)

Which means, PROMO UPDATE! 

Super excited for May - because first, the weather is gorgeous, school gets out here in AZ, and to top it all off, decided to go and rock some pretty amazing stuff. 

So, if you can't see the fine print there - 10% off on the metabolic blend (to help with those beach body dreams for June and July!), FREE Lemon with 125PV order (not enrollments), AND 50 product credits FREE when you enroll with 100PV or more. 

*so for those that are confused as to what the heck PV stands for - there's a handy little guide HERE*

 Here's a little more info on the 50PV Free promotion. Here's the vital points:
Enroll with 100PV or more between May 1 and May 31 - get the 50PV credited to your account.  That's it. Done. No extra qualifying order to place, no hoops to jump - just 50 product credits, free.

*Side note - if you enroll with a Natural Solutions Kit - and place a 100PV order the next month, you'll get an additional 100PV free in your account, totaling 150 PV For free.*

And finally - who doesn't love Mother's Day promotions? These are limited time only - but for $20 (wholesale) you can get a scarf diffuser (Cool right??? there's a bamboo diffuser sewn in!) plus a bottle of Ylang Ylang.  I already ordered mine, (Because in our house mom buys her own gifts...)and I love it. Although, to be honest, I diffuse Balance because it's my all time favorite.