December 2016 Promotions

10:41:00 AM

If you aren't already taking advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program - December is the time to do it!  For anyone who hasn't ordered on LRP since August of 2016...There's a pretty sweet deal in place.  Here's the December Promo...

Available to ANYONE who places a 125 PV LRP (not standard) order by the 15th -  receive a 5 ml Holiday Joy and a clay ornament.

Available to ANYONE who places a 200 PV order (this includes enrollments and standard orders!!) - 15ml Frankincense

Available to those who have ordered NOTHING in at least 4 months, you'll receive the following complimentary - with your order:

100PV Standard Order - 15 ml OnGuard
100PV LRP order - 15ml OnGuard AND 15ml Breathe
125PV LRP order - 15ml OnGuard, 15ml Breathe, AND 5ml Holiday Joy and Clay Ornament
200PV Standrd order (Not LRP) - 15ml OnGuard and 15ml Frankincense
200PV LRP Order - 15ml OnGuard, 15ml Breathe, 5ml Holiday Joy and Clay Ornament, AND 15ml Frankincense

And finally - if you have been ordering standard orders for the past 4 months, but not LRP (meaning you don't have an automatic order date each month...)

100PV Standard - sadly, no incentive ;(
100PV LRP - 15ml Breathe
125PV LRP - 15ml Breathe and Holiday joy with clay ornament
200PV Standard order - 15ml Frankincense
200PV LRP -  15ml Breathe, 5ml Holiday Joy and Clay Ornament, AND 15ml Frankincense

You can take advantage of these promotions by calling doTERRA or by simply placing the order in your back office.

I know that's a lot to take in, but honestly  - it's an incredible deal!  If you are not currently on LRP, it's a good time to do it.  If you have any questions - Please call me or your immediate upline enroller.

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