JOTD - Tropical Sweet Potato

1:21:00 PM

My daughter asked me this morning - "Mom,where are you taking the photos of your juice that you post on Instagram?" and I laughed, because it's in our kitchen...those are my outdated 90's Formica counter-tops, and the backdrop...well, it's scrapbook paper.  I *would* take a photo of my kitchen without the paper backdrop, but, well - nobody wants to see my kitchen, or my office that is connected to it.  I like to maintain a little bit of mystery (we are going with that...we don't need to mention the laundry that is unfolded or the floors that need swept that this paper back drop covers quite nicely...)

Anyway, today we went a little tropical.  Pineapple, sweet potato, and apple.  The juice was mostly pineapple....I had some that needed used pretty quickly. Plus, I haven't been feeling well, and did you know that Pineapple is an awesome natural cough remedy?  Really, it contains an enzyme called Bromelain which helps reduce the production of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory, gross, but cool, right?  Sweet potato and Pineapple are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties...and, apples, well - an apple a day, right?

So, there you have it.  

Tropical Pineapple Sweet Potato
1 medium sweet potato
1 cup pineapple (fresh)
2 medium Gala apples


BOGO! Lavender and OnGuard

12:49:00 PM

At least once a year, sometimes twice, doTERRA does a fun BuyOneGetOne promotion.  And guess what?  It's starting THIS WEEK!  So I'm going to use this opportunity to educate on the oils that are being promoted!  And...If any of these deals sound good to you - then please, contact me so we can get them ordered for you!  No need to have a doTERRA account, but if you do - then great!  And if you want more information on how to get one of your own - click here or contact me!

Lavender is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities.  (That's approved fancy-talk for saying it smells good and makes you calm down in situations when you aren't calm.)  We use lavender in our house ALL THE TIME for things from reducing tension (between siblings mostly) to calming down the dog when there are fireworks outside.  Each one of my kids carries a lavender touch with them  (super cool product made by doTERRA that is already mixed with Fractionated coconut oil for easy application.) for any times they have minor skin irritations, or even just to sniff during school. My oldest carries it with her while she is shopping for colleges to help her ease anxious feelings about flying and about making major life choices - like which college to go to. (Come to think of it, I'm carrying it for that very same reason right now...)  Finally, I add it to my shampoo to help keep my scalp looking clean and healthy - but try to shampoo at night, because we already mentioned the sleep thing...just sayin'.

Now for my favorite -ON GUARD.

I cannot tell you how much I love this blend.  First of all, it smells like Christmas.  You know that scent of walking into a craft store right after Thanksgiving and smelling cinnamon and orange and happiness?  Yes, that smell.  It's. In. The. Bottle.  And I can sniff it year round.  We diffuse this constantly around our house - we clean with it - we apply it to our feet every day during those seasons where perhaps your immune system could use a little support.   Why do we do this? OnGuard supports the body's natural antioxidant defenses, and is an effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support.  My husband even diffuses this one at work...because he's around tons of people all the time sharing all sorts of environmental threats...because they are nice like that.

So - if you buy one On Guard, you get one Lavender - FREE.  Plus shipping.  If you have an account, awesome, login and add OnGuard to your basket and buy it - that easy!  If you don't have an account, contact me today, and we'll get it ordered.  And remember, if you have a wholesale account, this will count toward your points for free product!

Healthy Eating

JOTD - Tomato Vegetable

1:32:00 PM

Admittedly, my kids won't touch this one.  Which is fine with me, because I loved it.  Also, it was quite filling - which is good. I need to maintain my girlish figure (and save room for cheesecake calories, amiright? Of course I am...ahem...)

This exact amount yeilded about 16 oz of juice...which was really two BONUS!  When "juicing" greens, I've found that it's easier to ball them up into a tight wad (technical term here...don't judge)...and wedge it between two harder slices of something.  In this case, I wedged it between two pieces of sweet potato.  It seems to have worked well.  For this amount of spinach, I got about 1 tsp of juice. Maybe a little more. Not even sure if I get the healthy benefits from that - but it does turn the juice a nice color of brownish green - which grosses out my kids, so, there's that.

Tomato Vegetable

1 Large Beefsteak Tomato
1 cup fresh spinach leaves
1 small red bell pepper
3 mint leaves
1/2 large sweet potato
2 med. stalks celery

Again, I do not peel, slice, or remove the seeds from any of these vegetables. I'm far too efficient (read lazy) for that. My juicer has the capacity to do so - one of it's biggest selling points. :)  I use a Breville Juice Fountain Multi-speed 900 W juicer, and I do love it so! If you'd like one for your very own, you can check them out here on Amazon.

*Full disclosure, the amazon link is my affiliate link and I am compensated if you purchase through them.  I am not affiliated with Breville, nor do they compensate me in any way directly or indirectly.*


Q&A With doTERRA's Dr. David Hill

10:35:00 AM

Essential oils became much less confusing and more useable as soon as I learned more about their chemistry. I really enjoyed reading this article because, in my own experience, I knew the essential oils were working for me, but I wasn’t sure why or how. I am the sort of person that needs to know the ‘why’. Learning more about the chemistry can seem daunting which is why I love how Dr. Hill breaks it down for us. He gives an easy to understand explanation of the science behind how and why these drops can do so much for our wellness.  What other resources have you found that help you understand the ‘why’ behind your favorite oils?

If someone is allergic to a certain plant, can they still use the essential oils that come from those plants?
An allergy is the result of the immune system mistaking a substance as harmful and producing antibodies to fight it, resulting in various adverse side effects. An allergic reaction to a plant is caused by a plant’s protein-containing materials (i.e. the actual seed, leaf, or fruit). Pure essential oils do not contain these complex molecules, which are the primary cause of allergies. While an allergic response is unlikely, this does not mean one can use essential oils irresponsibly without risk. Understanding the proper use of an essential oil is always recommended, regardless of the circumstances. If you have concerns about sensitivities or interactions with other treatment plans, please consult your physician or health-care professional for additional guidance.

How do chemical constituents in essential oils affect us?
The chemical constituents of an essential oil are analogous to the macronutrients in food. Just as the fructose (sugar) composition of a banana provides instant energy and has specific metabolic effects, essential oils rich in Limonene can provide a powerful boost to your immune system. The chemical constituents in an oil determine its potential benefits, what metabolites it will produce, and best practices for application. Chemists have to date identified over 3,000 different molecules present in essential oils. Each of these amalgamations of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms have their own unique properties. These compounds are categorized based on their chemical makeup, which hints at their function and physiological activity. Oils high in terpene compounds (ending in "-ene") have different properties than those high in hydroxyl alcohols (ending in "-ol") or phenols or esters, and are therefore suitable for different purposes. Familiarity with the chemical building blocks of essential oils enables any user to practice aromatherapy more safely and effectively.

What’s the difference between Cinnamon Bark and Cassia essential oils? Is one better than the other?
While often thought to be the same, Cinnamon Bark and Cassia essential oils have distinct differences along with some similarities. Although extracted from different species (Cinnamon Bark from Cinnamomum zeylanicum, and Cassia from Cinnamomum cassia) they are both widely referred to as cinnamon and often used for similar purposes. Cinnamon is distilled from the bark of the cinnamon tree while Cassia is distilled from the stems and bark of the cassia shrub. Trans-cinnamaldehyde is the primary constituent in both, though the concentration is the primary chemical difference. Neither oil is better; however, the variance in aldehyde composition results in different ranges of benefits. I recommend Cinnamon Bark to support oral health and to purify the air, while Cassia elevates mood and promotes healthy digestive function.*

The Doctor Recommends
Cassia for elevating mood and promoting healthy digestive function*
Cinnamon Bark for supporting oral health and purifying the air*
Veggie Caps for your custom essential oil dietary supplement program

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For more information on the oils, or how to purchase them, click here.

Healthy Eating

JOTD - Cucumber Berry Lemonade

10:06:00 AM

I suppose I should talk about the health benefits of the ingredients...honestly, I would if I could. I'm sure it is full of vitamin C and maybe some antioxidants.  I tend to just put things together that I think will taste good - and so far, it's been a good strategy.  I figure if I am at least getting a few servings of fruit/veggies this way each day, it's far better than what I had been eating (or not eating....).  So today's recipe - Cucumber Berry Lemonade.  And honestly, the lemon was an afterthought - like, an ... uh, I guess I better put something through the juicer that will hopefully remove the blueberry stains from the plastic.

And you know what?  It did.

Cucumber Berry Lemonade
1/2 large cucumber
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1 medium lemon peeled
1 tbsp of Honey


Mommy Blog - The Teen Years

1:21:00 PM

Do you know what I'm doing right now?  I mean, right this very minute?

I'm searching the internet for a wise sage with advice on how to raise teenagers - you know, a mommy blog for those of us that are past the diapers and formula and snacks that don't have artificial colors in them.

I'm past that.

I've been trying to keep this blog up under the pretense of it being just like all the others - advice on raising normal human children, focusing on the toddler variety.   There's a huge problem with that...

None of my kids are toddlers anymore.  Plus, I was never really a typical mommy blogger- I just desperately wanted to fit in.  I know - reeks of desperation, doesn't it.  I hate myself for it too, honestly.

So, here it is - far from perfect.  No - we don't do workbooks over the summer (and the ones we did buy in the past - we got like four pages into before we (I) got bored with the whole thing.)... No, we don't eat perfectly balanced amazing meals for dinner each night - heck, tonight we'll be lucky if we get some frozen vegetables on the table.

What I can promise you is no more of this froo froo stuff.  This is me.  We are real.  The best I can hope to do is let you learn from my mistakes as we guide ourselves through this abyss of raising teenagers. And running a business.  And being a wife. And....

Yes, occasional recipes and other things will come - because sometimes I do get crafty and pieces of inspiration do strike and are fruitful.

Excuse me now, I'm going to try and find out what we have in the freezer that is still recognizable as possible dinner.

Healthy Eating

JOTD - Sweet Orange Apple

1:09:00 PM

Before you say anything...hear me out.  I would ever, ever, ever eat or drink anything that made my tastebuds retreat in fear.  I like food.  Good food.  Cakes, pies, cookies...all my favorites.  I have a firm belief that food that is good for you should TASTE good too. If it doesn't, I'm not going to eat there really is no point in trying.  Eating healthy should be fun, not a punishment.

There I've said my peace.

So today's Juice of the Day - is:

1 medium Sweet Potato 
2 clementine oranges (I used Cuties)
1 Gala Apple
1/2 drop doTERRA ginger.

And of course I used doTERRA Ginger essential oil because, well - the grocery store was out of Ginger...and secondly, WHY NOT?

To add the ginger, I put applied 1/2 drop to my finger and rubbed it onto the sweet potato before juicing. This way the oil did not sit on top of the juice, and blended in nicely with the other flavors.

I did not peel, slice, dice, or chop any ingredients.  Make sure your juicer can handle such laziness before you go ahead and us it without peeling or chopping.  Mine can.  In fact, it was the number one selling point.  The biggest difficulty with this recipe was finding a glass I could photograph that didn't have a picture of a cartoon character on it, or was a bright shade of "Walmart" plastic.  Look, you know I have kids...we aren't going to all pretend that any of our houses look like Martha Stewart magazine...right?  Right.

*Full disclaimer disclosure - clicking on links will take you to an Amazon affiliate link where you can purchase your very own product just like mine.  You don't have to do so, but it is greatly appreciated when you do!*


The new Juicer - and JOTD (Juice of the Day)

12:57:00 PM

I recently found myself a new obsession - I know, I'm pretty late to the party, but, I just found myself the proud new owner of a juicer...and I've turned into a total giddy school girl about it.  The kids are excited too - in fact I have to watch them closely because it's starting to turn into a David Letterman style game of will it juice or will it not...and while most things will, let's just say I'm not up for replacing it right now due to the creativity and inquisitive nature of my offspring.

That all being said, I really am making a strong effort at eating healthier.  (Pay no attention to the half-eaten slice of cheesecake sitting next to me as I type...) and part of this healthier eating plan is to incorporate more fruit and veggies.  BUT since I also have this thing about taking on more than I can handle at any given time, speed and efficiency usually win out and I end up eating a hamburger or a bowl of cereal (depending on my proximity to said hamburger).

So this new juicer is actually pretty amazing.  I don't have to peel or cut anything. A whole apple - no problem.  Orange with the rind. Absolutely (be prepared for a little more of a bitter/sour taste though...).  Whole cucumber? You Better Believe it.  Cleanup?  Not too big of a deal, honestly.  (If it were I'd have returned the whole dang thing one day after using it.)

Anywho...I've been juicing.  A lot.  And I figured since there were others out there who might also like quick, easy, efficient, and tasty ways to eat their required servings of fruits and veggies I'd start posting the Juice of The Day. Probably not daily...because, well...I may also have a commitment problem.

*Full disclosure, if you click the link it will take you to my Amazon affiliate link where you can buy a juice just like mine for your very own. It is one of the ways I do support myself and my habit of shopping on Amazon.  Thank you!*