JOTD - Strawberry Beet

9:46:00 AM

Strawberry Beet Juice - and a somewhat clean kitchen.
I learned two things this morning - if you strain beet juice through a piece of cheesecloth, there's none of that icky gritty-grainy texture I'm not fond of with root vegetable juice.  (Same goes for sweet potatoes).  Coffee filters do not do the same job, and are quite messy when they fall into the juice and you have to fish them out.  The second thing...beet juice turns your hands a delightful shade of magenta.

I'm actually considering using beet juice to color my hair - although, I do have a calling (job) in my church right now that doesn't prohibit but really encourages not coloring your hair in strange hues. I love my calling - so for now, I'll just keep this idea in the back of my idea folder.  (But honestly, wouldn't that be cool?  I wonder if purple fingerling potatoes would do the same thing...another post for another day.)

Strawberry Beet
1 medium beet (washed and greens removed)
5 large strawberries
1 medium orange without the peel
1 medium granny smith apple

Again, I put all these things in completely whole - after being washed of course.  Even the strawberry leaves (Crowns) came through like a champ. Before you do this, make sure your juicer can handle the whole fruit or vegetable. This is the one I use (for full disclosure this does lead to an amazon affiliate link.) I love it because of the easy cleanup, and the easy preparation.  Seriously, if I had to cut up vegetables...yea, not happening.

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