Pigtails and Overalls.

12:18:00 PM

 She's probably going to hate me for this.  But, being that I'm her mother, and I've been here her whole life - I think that gives me a little bit of freedom in which pictures I post.

She's headed to college this year.

She's made a decision on where she wants to go.

I'm having a hard time reconciling with the fact that she's not my little curly-haired-overall-wearing-tiny-tot that depends on me for everything.  (She's still got the curly hair, and let's face it, she's still pretty tiny too...but, the other stuff...long gone.)

Have you seen those commercials where the dad is talking to his little toddler daughter about not driving on the freeway, and then he blinks and the toddler is replaced with a young woman?  That's where I am right now - my little girl has grown up.

Here's the thing...She's always going to be little to me. So there.  I refuse to blink and let her be grown up.


Anyway, she's going to college. She's narrowed down her choices.  And now we are looking for every possible scholarship available -because dang, college is expensive. Did I mention she wants to be a doctor?  Yes, I'm super proud of her. Equally terrified.

I wish I could write a post about how to get your toddler to eat their vegetables or what you can do to entice them to learning. But we're past that aren't we?

I'm working on posts like funding your child's college education and how to pick a safe vehicle on a college student salary...Yea.  That's where we are now. We're old.

So, excuse me while I step away for a few minutes to go feel sorry for my old self in the corner and throw a pity party for myself with some ice cream refreshment. I think instead of feeling sad that this era is closing, perhaps I'll talk my 9 year old into building a blanket fort and telling ghost stories.  Because right now, that's what I need. Return to simpler, easier times when they wore overalls and needed me to tuck them in at night.

That is all.

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