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10:47:00 AM

I've been spending some time on a new networking site as well as Twitter and a few others - and one thing that stands out to me - All the people who are claiming to help you get "more twitter followers!" "More social media followers" "increase your numbers!" But then, when I look at their profiles, sure, they have thousands of followers - but not a single one of their posts is actually engaged in conversation.

It makes me sad to think that in a world where we have such extensive technology available to us, we can reach the far corners of the world - cultivate friendships we may not have ever had otherwise - learn from the masters of their business and their craft with distance not being an issue --- the biggest focus is on the number of people that you can get to "like" your page, or "follow" you.

One thing I've always loved about sales, or business as a whole is the human connection. Meeting people where they are, and learning from them, lifting them, being inspired by them - that is what the human experience is about.

I was talking with a young girl the other day. She mentioned to me that the reason she doesn't like to come to different activities is because she didn't think it was fair to create friendships when she knows that in a few months she will be leaving to go to school far away, and those friendships won't be able to continue. How sad is it that this generation feels that real interpersonal relationships can only exist when the distance between them is within a few miles? I look back onto some of my most cherished friendships - and how because of social media and the ability to engage - not just like - they've remained strong and steadfast.

I remember social media being a blessing in my life, a way that I could remain connected with my mom, sisters, friends, cousins - a way that I could find new connections and nourish new friendships. I still see it this way - in fact this morning I had a conversation with a dear friend who lives in London - who I've never met before in person, but who I consider a very great part of my life. Without the power of social media, I would never have known her.

We need to once again teach our young people the true power of friendship, conversation, engagement, and influence. Social media can be such a great tool for magnifying friendships! Sadly, lately, it's been a tool for gaining hollow popularity and spreading misinformation. Connections are supposed to be meaningful. When you talk to someone you should be engaged, you should want to know what they have to say. You should be open minded and present in the moment. If you can't engage and talk with someone - then you might as well be standing in the middle of a crowded room talking to yourself.

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