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A few days ago I joined a new networking group for businesses and entrepreneurs.  It is web based, and a great place to connect and mastermind with individuals all over the country - and in some cases, yes, possibly expand my business.

I enjoy networking online for a few reasons, one of which being the fact that I can do so in my pajamas, but the other is because the internet allows me to reach into far corners of the earth that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity.  I've met some wonderful people this way, shared experiences, marketing plans, and even gained some very valuable friendships along the way.

One thing I don't enjoy about networking online, is the inevitable group of people that you meet that are only networking to build their business, not for any other purpose.  Typically, their messages go something like this:

"Hello!  I see that you are very involved in doTERRA!  How long have you been with your present company?  I've been with XYZ WIDGETS for about X years (usually a number larger than 2), and we have excellent products, an amazing compensation plan, and we even have a line of essential oils as well as a whole catalog of other products!  If you want more information about how you too can become a consultant with XYZ WIDGETS write me back right away!"

My little internal voice always wants to respond with "Oh, and how's this strategy working out for you?  How many people have you enrolled that you have genuine relationships with?  Do you see your customers as more than simply a digit in your down-line, or are you invested in their success?  Can you put me in touch, right now, with someone in the company who has had great success with the business and would be willing to offer me training and mentoring should you not be available? Have you ever had success enrolling people with this strategy? Is your business purely sales focused, or are you genuinely interested in empowering people to make positive changes in their lives?"

Team family at doTERRA YOU 2017
Networking - the Webster definition - is"interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career." Many people take the last "especially to further one's career" and run with that as the basic principle.  However, what many don't understand, and what most companies that run on a network marketing sales philosophy don't understand is this: you cannot be successful in furthering your business or success if it is just YOUR success you are concerned with.

Some of my "family"
One of the biggest differences in doTERRA, and probably the biggest most important factor for me when I decided to go ahead and create this business to empower my own family financially, was the fact that all those in this company - from the young Elite's just starting out all the way to the Triple Presidential Diamonds...want YOU to be successful.  The company teaches mentoring, trains on how to mentor others, encourages education among all it's advocates - not just the leaders.  The compensation structure is set up to nurture and mentor those in your down-line, on ALL levels, not just the front line.  It is made perfectly clear from the very moment you sign up either as a customer or as an advocate that YOU are important to everyone on the team, and you will be nurtured and taken care of.  As corny as it sounds, doTERRA is a family.

Oh and customers?  Those who just want to purchase the products and empower their families physically? Those that aren't interested in building a business?  They are given just as much love, attention, education, and support as those in the team that are creating an income.  Nourishing customers and creating friendships one drop at a timeBecause, that is what a family does.

So, maybe the next time someone approaches me with the same old line, I'll respond like this:

"Hello!  I'm so glad you contacted me.  I've been with doTERRA for 6 years, most of which I was a customer that simply fell in love with the products.  I've become part of a family here, where I have love, support, encouragement, and all the education I could ever need. While I'm very sure XYZ WIDGETS has provided an income for you, and you are happy with their products, I'm passionate about what I do - and who I work with. I've seen this company and these oils transform and change lives, and I have become a part of something that doesn't just provide me a paycheck, but provides me a sense of being.  I started building this business because I lived a transformation in my own family and self that I needed to share with others.  doTERRA isn't simply a company I'm a part of, it's become a part of who I am - and that's something I'm very  proud of.   I would love to talk to you about my own business goals and transformation - without any expectation of you joining my team.  I simply love to connect, lead, learn from, and be inspired by others.  Isn't that the reason we network in the first place?"

Maybe just for fun, I'd leave my website - just in case.

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