As an independent wellness advōcate, I am a sole business owner managing a team of several individuals who are likewise building their own business. As a member of a Premier team, I work with both businesses and individuals on improving their health through natural solutions.

As a team manager, I work exclusively with my builders to grow and enhance their own teams. I work with them in setting SMART goals, applying management strategies and techniques such as the scaler principle, and applying human resources management principles to their teams. Additionally, I work with them individually and as teams teaching them the proper way to present to groups and individuals, sales training strategies, educational training, and mentor strategies for their own teams.

....blah blah blah. Honestly ...is that what you wanted to know about me?  A chapter about my business principles?  I didn't think so. 

The truth is I love what I do, I love working with people, I love helping others, and I love these oils. I also love apple pie and ice cream, just in case, ya know - you were wondering.  My family has been forever changed because of not only the freedom we have financially through this business but because of the oils themselves - which is the first and foremost reason I started using them.

Do you have teenagers?  I do.  Two of them in fact.  I also have two pre-teens, and one almost a teen but still sweet enough to love unconditionally.  That's five in total. Five little clones of myself and my husband running around our house causing havoc and chaos.  Do you know what else?  Four of these children are girls.  Girls.... that means hormones and attitudes and high school drama.  The number one fastest way to change your mood is through smell...We diffuse a LOT of wild orange and happiness in our house.  A lot.  You might mistake my house for an orange grove in Florida...if it weren't for the signs of teenage life lying all about...Also, there is a very noticeable lack of perfect green trees planted in a row in my living room...but we wont discuss the dirt in the carpet.

So that's me.  Holder of a business degree in management and leadership.  Mother of five. Wife.  Sister.  Daughter.  Photographer.  I hold the talent of embarrassing my children in public while concurrently making their friends think I'm the cool mom (I totally am).  I like sappy television shows.  I love to read.  I am a complete and total Science geek.  I hate to do laundry, but I love the smell of clean clothes.  I'm pretty much your normal, every day person.

So...now that you know a little about me I'll send you back to the normal, every day, boring but interesting stuff you normally find on these About Me pages.  If you have a moment, stop by facebook/twitter/instagram pages and say hi.  I love making new friends.

*****Important but Boring business stuff below this line, proceed with caution******

Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and essential oil wellness products are sold exclusively through Independent Product Consultants who, working from home, introduce, educate, and sell essential oil products. In addition to teaching about the oils, and their therapeutic benefits, I have been trained and certified to perform a clinical application of the oils to the spine for body support in reducing stress and increasing function.

In addition to being 100% pure and natural, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are subjected to further quality testing that ensures the correct composition of the active natural compounds found in each oil. Even though an essential oil may be 100% pure, if the right species or part of a plant has not been used, or if the plant has not been grown in the right environment or harvested at the right time, or if it has not been distilled under the right conditions, the natural chemical makeup of the extraction will not provide as predictable and powerful a benefit. In some cases, the wrong plant harvested at the wrong time may result in an extract that contains harmful levels of some constituents.